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What is the 401(k)lub?


We live in the most amazing time. You can literally build an audience of potential clients by creating content at any moment of the day. However, if you don't know how to interact, they won't listen. We will show you what to do and help you do it!


Starting from scratch is so much slower than working with others. The 401(k) industry is not new, but in a Covid-19 world, we need to come together and help more families succeed. There is a huge abundance of clients. We will help each other win!


Technology plays a critical role in your ability to communicate. The 401(k)lub will provide insight to what other advisors and wholesalers are using to be successful so you can move faster. You will know about the most innovative and powerful resources others are using.

Who is 401JA(k)E

I doubled my book of business last year by changing my mindset and approach to winning plans and I'm not slowing down!  I want to share with you my passion and successful habits that will help you dominate in the 401(k) space. You will learn how to set up your operations, build a brand, win more business and most importantly...have more time to do what you love.

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"Jake’s 401(k) one-on-one coaching and 401(k)lub are amazing! What a blessing to have Jake as a resource. I have been an Advisor for over 28 years, and I can honestly tell you he is the most knowledgeable person in the 401(k) space I have ever spoken with. Jake is a great teacher, coach, mentor and now I am happy to say, my friend. He is generous with his time and in sharing the knowledge it took him a career to accumulate. If you are thinking about getting into the 401(k)/pension business and want to fast track your way to knowing what you are doing, sign up for Jake’s coaching service. I guarantee you will be very glad you did."

Scott Van Den Berg, CFP®
President, Century Management Financial Advisors

"I am on fire right now. Big thanks to Jake! "

Steven Levenson
Senior Vice President

The 401(k) market is changing FAST, how will you adapt and stay relevant?

The tech industry has been stealing your start-up plans for years now. They're doing all they can to make you replaceable with automation. The struggle they will continue to have is the fact 401(k) plans are not a one and done solution. As a company grows and changes, they will need an EXPERT to guide them through those changes.



If you want to take the FAST TRACK...

I offer private coaching that will speed up your business growth. You'll learn in a matter of months, what took me years to figure out. You are capable of building a super successful 401(k) practice. Let me show you how I did it! Or hey, there is always random YouTube videos and endless lunches with wholesalers. Maybe even drop thousands of dollars on 5500 leads for no show meetings.


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